Sour Puss


My cat Lestat parades around like he owns the world, I’m sure that in his furry little head he imagines that he is a panther stalking stealthily through a tropical rainforest. He is elegant and haughty, he is independent and bold; to those who observe him he is the ruler of his domain.


If any mere mortal even attempts to touch him unbidden, they will receive a rebuff so cutting, they will be left red-faced and rejected. Of course I wish he were more affectionate and cuddly, but would I love him more if he was? Of course not. I love him just the way he is, with all his faults and foibles.


No matter how many times he rejects me I will continue to pursue him. No matter how many times he runs away from me, I will always be ready to scoop him up in my arms whenever he’s ready to come back. My love for Lestat reminds me of the way that God loves you and I. It doesn’t matter to God how many times we reject him, it will never stop him loving us. Sure, he’d like us to love him as madly as he loves us, but he’s not going to force us into a relationship with him. He wants our love freely given not coerced, and he’s prepared to wait – arms open wide – until we’re ready. God’s love for you is outrageous, scandalous and unfathomable, and that should be enough to make any sour puss smile.

O Lord, You are good and ready to forgive; Your loyal love flows generously over all who cry out to You. Psalm 86:5 – The Voice




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