Carol of the Noms


Meow! How the smells,

Sweet yummy smells

All seem to say,

“Feed me all day.”

Christmas is good

Bring me my food,

And make it quick

Lest I grow sick.

Om, nom, om, nom,

That is the song

With lots of food

We’ll all be good.

Do not delay,

We’ll make you pay.

Baubles will fall

Down to the floor.

Lights will come down,

They’ll hit the ground.

Chaos will reign,

Causing you pain.

Tree it will pay,

If you delay.

Food in my dish,

Could stop all this.

Meowy, meowy, meowy, meowy Christmas

Meowy, meowy, meowy, meowy Christmas

Food, food they send,

Nom without end.

My tummy full,

Dish needs refill

[Repeat from beginning]

Om, nom, om, nom







  1. You are so creative — this is genius! I’ll never hear Carol of the Bells the same way again! And I really enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas Cat Style. Thank you for making me laugh and smile today — I really needed it. Wishing you and your beautiful furbabies a blessed Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thank you so much for your lovely words they are very much appreciated. I’m so very happy to hear that I made you smile. To me that means everything. Wishing you and yours much love and peace this Christmas


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