I’m Karen, just an ordinary 50 something who can’t quite believe my children are adults and my hair is going grey. Writer, dreamer, and theologian who brakes for thrift shops. Inspired by my three muses – who just happen to be three sightly overweight and very spoiled cats – and the mystery that is God, life, and whatever comes after that.

When I’m not cat-watching, writing and pondering God and eternity,  I enjoy discovering and preparing delicious vegan meals.  I’d never been one of those women that live to cook – quite the opposite in fact – for me it was always a tedious necessity engaged in only to prevent my family from starving. However since switching to a vegan diet a few years ago all that has changed. I now love cooking and am so looking forward to sharing some of my favourite vegan recipes and  blogs with you.

I live in the suburbs of Sydney which is on the east coast of Australia. If you haven’t visited here then you really should. In fact put it on your bucket list right now before you forget.

It is my hope that all who visit here will find something that will inspire, encourage and nourish their soul, as well as their bodies. I look forward to getting to know you.

If you’d like to connect with me you can find me on:





Lestat de Kittycourt

Lestat de Kittycourt


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