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The Prodigal Cat



This morning I felt incredibly privileged when my littlest cat Pandora, decided that she wanted to spend some time with me. This might not seem a big thing to you but believe me this is a rare occurrence. You see Pandora is usually quite aloof, if she was a person you would probably say she has witchy resting face. It’s not that she isn’t affectionate, it’s just that she likes to go all Greta Garbo most of the time.

So this morning when I walked passed her as she was lying on the table – I know she shouldn’t but cats will be cats – and she rolled over on her back, looked at me, meowed loudly and fluttered her eyes, there was no way I was going to let this moment go by. I tickled her fluffy little tummy and scratched her little black ears and in return, she head bumped me and licked my fingers. It was a beautiful moment and I was so excited!

photo (8)

Then out of the blue came a loud and mournful meow quickly followed by another even louder and more mournful meow. I looked up to see Lestat – my tuxedo boy – who had been sleeping but was now wide awake and clearly unhappy that Pandora was receiving the attention that he felt should rightly be his. The more attention I gave Pandora the louder he meowed. He didn’t make a move towards me, he just continued lying where he was yelling at me for attention with a very disgruntled look on his face.

Lestat looking a little disgruntled

Lestat looking less than impressed

The way Lestat behaved made me smile because it reminded me of the way we Christians can sometimes behave when God blesses someone that we believe isn’t worthy. Like Lestat we grumble and complain. We’re very grateful for God’s grace to us, but we’re not always so happy when he extends that same grace to someone else. We whine to God and say: “What about me? I go to church, I pray, I’m a believer.” I think if we’re honest we’ve probably all done it.

Why do we do that? Do we think that God’s love is finite? Do we think that God’s love is only for some and not for others? Why shouldn’t God show his love and grace to everyone? After all the bible says God is love. He didn’t send Jesus to die only for those who go to church, pray, give to charity or lead a faultless life. He sent him to die for everyone. That means even the ones that we might think don’t deserve it. Because you know what? None of us deserve the love of God that’s why it’s called grace, and I for one am glad that I didn’t have to earn it. How about you?

Until next time friends of the fur…

” For God expressed His love for the world in this way: He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him will not face everlasting destruction, but will have everlasting life.” John 3:16 The Voice.

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