Interview with the Cat

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a cat of stealth and grace. My name is Lestat Renfield de Kittycourt, and I am sure it will be your pleasure to meet me.

Me looking majestic

Me looking majestic

My rather long, and some may say ostentatious name, springs from my mamma’s love of gothic literature. My first and last names were inspired by a wonderfully fabulous character who is almost as charismatic as I am, and who like yours truly, has a proclivity for biting and brat-like behaviour. My middle name was chosen because just as my literary namesake did, I find creepy crawlies delectable, and I gobble them up whenever the opportunity arises. I enjoy sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating and of course…sleeping.

On the surface l lead a very satisfying and comfortable life, and no one would ever guess the dark and terrible secret that up until now I have held close to my furry little chest. Prepare yourself to be shocked and appalled gentle reader as I bare my soul to you – I am a string addict – or to be more accurate, I am addicted to all linear objects. I just can’t help myself. The moment I see one I must devour it immediately, regardless of the danger to my health or the damage to my family’s property.

Me following surgery to have almost an entire reel of  thread removed from my intestines

Me following surgery to have almost an entire reel of thread removed from my intestines

These objects have included electrical cords, speaker cables, phone chargers, entire reels of thread, ribbons and well, to my eternal shame the list goes on and on. The consequences of this dreadful habit have been life threatening on at least two occasions,  and inconvenient and expensive for my family more times than I care to remember.

Fortunately for me I have a mamma who loves me and would do anything for me, even when I make the same mistake over and over again. She says it’s something called grace. She describes grace as undeserved and unmerited favour. Sometimes I hear her thanking God that he has shown her grace. I don’t think she eats string – although I have seen her eating a linear thing called spaghetti that she seems to enjoy – so maybe that’s what she needs God’s grace for?

Anyway, I can’t really get my furry little brain around the idea of grace, and mamma says that even she has trouble fully grasping the concept. She says that God has shown her grace because he loves her so much, and that even when she makes the same mistake over and over again, he loves her still and is waiting for her to run back into his loving arms. It reminds me of the way mamma loves me, the way that no matter how many cables, cords, phone chargers, ribbons and threads I chew through, she forgives me and loves me, and is always waiting to sweep me up in her loving arms. If that’s grace then it’s amazing, and I’m one very fortunate little cat. Until next time gentle reader…